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Community-based Institutes on Peace Education

What is a CIPE?

CIPEs are sustainable, community-based, non-formal peace education teacher training initiatives designed to address the lack of formal opportunities for the preparation of educators in the methods and practices of peace education.  CIPEs are locally developed and taught in the local language to more adequately address local manifestations of violence, local and national educational policies, and prepare educators in culturally and contextually relevant educational practices. 

The National Peace Academy , in partnership with the Peace Education Center at Teachers College, Columbia University established and coordinates the global CIPE movement.  Several CIPE communities have been established, including Colombia (nationally), India, Peru, the Philippines (Mindanao), and the Ukraine.  In 2009 new initiatives are being planned in India, Japan, Tanzania, Turkey, the Northeast region of the United States, and Ohio. To learn more about the specific activities of each of the CIPEs click on the "reports and resources" link.

principlesCIPE Vision & Common Principles A CIPE seeks to manifest the following goals: to provide local support for peace educators; to encourage learning from each other about concepts of peace education and best practices; to address current and relevant local content and issues (relevant to peace education); to support school and community-based peace education initiatives; to try to affect educational and peace & security policies locally, nationally, and globally... To read the entire CIPE principles statement click here>>

reportsReports and ResourcesLearning with and from each other is one of the most important principles of the CIPE. Although each CIPE is unique, all CIPE communities have much to learn from eacgh other's experiences. Here you will find gathered a collection of reports and resources from CIPEs held around the world. Reports are now available from Colombia, India, Mindanao (Philippines), Peru, Tanzania, and the Ukraine. Click here to access these reports>>

support materialsSupport Materials The "Community-based Institute on Peace Education Organizer's Manual: A Peace Education Planning Guide" is available for purchase or free download. This “Organizer’s Manual” is designed to assist formal, non-formal and grass-roots educators and educational planners by providing ideas and tools for the development of community-based peace education learning projects that might contribute to the reduction of violence at all levels of the global social order. To order or download your copy today click here>>

networkingPublication from CIPE Mindanao The report of the first Mindanao Community-Based Institute on Peace Education, “Interfaith Dialogue & Education toward a Culture of Peace: A Response to the Mindanao Conflict,” is now available.  CIPE Mindanao took place November 26-29, 2007 at Ateneo de Zamboanga University, La Purisima Campus, Zamboanga City, Philippines.  CIPE Mindanao worked to bring together policy makers, teachers and school administrators, government workers and members of civil societies to discuss issues and processes in institutionalizing peace education, interfaith dialogue and the Mindanao peace process, generate agenda for collaborative research and open avenues for global and local networking.  Click here to download the report as a pdf>>


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