Info for Participants

Detailed information and instructions for participants regarding travel, fees, and due dates will be posted here when available.

Participant “To Do” List and Upcoming Due Dates
Due Date Task
May 1 scholarship application deadline
May 15 priority application deadline
late May / early June notifications of acceptance sent
June 16 confirm acceptance of attendance by email (email to
asap Investigate visa options
July 3 deposits due
July 15 program abstracts due
August 7 full payment of fees due
August 7 travel & emergency contact form due
August 27-September 2 IIPE 2017!
September 10 Participant Evaluations Due (please!)

Arrival logistics

Arrival logistics letter (pdf)

Participation Fees

The full institute fees are €700 Euros. Participation fees cover all onsite costs including participation in all IIPE activities, food, shared (double) room accommodations, local transportation and excursions. You are responsible for your own air travel, transportation to and from the airport, and spending money

For full paying participants a deposit of €150 Euros is required by July 3 to reserve your space. For partial scholarship recipients a deposit of €50 Euros is required by July 3. Since we have many participants on a waiting list, if we do not receive your deposit by this due date we will open this space for somebody else. We also strongly encourage you to make payment in full at this time.

All fees must be paid in full by August 7, approximately a month in advance of the Institute. Having these funds in advance is necessary to secure our accommodations and other important arrangements. A late fee of €50 Euros will be charged for payments received after the deadline. Cancellations must be made no later than August 8. We cannot refund fees for cancellations made after this date.

Payment Type Amount Due Date
*full fee paying participants
€150 July 3
*½ scholarship recipients
€50 July 3
Full payment (or balance) of fees
* €700 if paying full fee by deposit date;
* balance of €550 for full fee paying participants;
* balance of €300 for ½ scholarship recipients
amounts vary August 7

Bank Transfer Instructions

download transfer instructions

All fees for IIPE 2017 are to be paid by bank transfer to the Grillhof Seminar Center. Bank details are provided below. Unfortunately we are unable to accept credit card payments this year. We regret this inconvenience.

We recognize that bank transfer fees from outside of Europe can be very expensive (ranging from $35-60 per transaction). To remedy this we recommend using an independent transfer service such as To use ofx and avoid expensive transfer fees you will set-up an account, determine how much to transfer, submit a “direct debit” payment to ofx in the chosen amount (this avoids the transfer fees charged by your bank), and then ofx processes the payment.

Of course, you are more than welcome to send a transfer directly from your bank. However, you must pay any additional bank fees at the time of transfer (bank fees cannot come out of your fees).

Process for sending your payment(s)

  1. Submit your transfer to Grillhof’s bank

Send transfers in Euros.

Name on account: Tiroler Bildungsinstitut – Grillhof
Bank account: 1032259
Bank Code: 36000
IBAN: AT263600000001032259
Bank: Raiffeisen Landesbank Tirol AG Igls

  1. Submit a confirmation to the IIPE as soon as the transfer has been processed.

Please provide as much of the following information as possible – without which we will have difficulty tracking your payment.

  • Name of Sender (the name on the bank account the funds are coming from)
  • Name of Participant (especially important if the name on the bank account is different)
  • Amount sent (in Euros)
  • Date of transfer
  • Name of Bank (the origin of the funds)
  • Bank account # (the senders account)
  • Bank code (if available)
  • IBAN # (if available)
  • BIC # (if available)

>>Follow this link to submit your transfer details using our online form.

Travel Arrangements: How to Get to Innsbruck

Options for getting to Innsbruck are outlined below.

You should plan to arrive on Sunday, August 27 and depart on Saturday, September 2 (see details below).

To accommodate international travel, the IIPE program will convene Sunday evening with informal activities that you are encouraged to attend. We will begin formal activities on Monday morning. The program will conclude in the evening of Friday, September 1. As the program will conclude in the late evening, accommodations will be provided until Saturday morning, September 2.

* If your transportation necessitates it, you are welcome to arrive early or stay after the conclusion of the IIPE, however you will be responsible for arranging and paying for these additional accommodations. There may be a few rooms available at the Grillhof Seminar Center for those who are coming early or staying longer. Please contact the organizers if you would like to explore such arrangements (

Most coming to Innsbruck from abroad tend to take flights to either one of the two closest bigger international airport – Munich (Germany) or Vienna (Austria) – and travel overland from there to Innsbruck.

1) FROM MUNICH: Probably the easiest and cheapest way to get to Innsbruck from abroad is via plane to Munich (the closest large airport). Although Munich is in Germany it nevertheless is part of the European Union Schengen Space within which border controls have been abolished. Participants with a valid “Schengen Visa” for Austria can thus also arrive via Munich and travel from there to Innsbruck.

From Munich it takes about three hours to get to Innsbruck by train, with trains running frequently during the day. For train schedules, you can visit the homepage of the Austrian railroad company – ÖBB.

There also is a shuttle service operating from Munich airport called Four Seasons Travel. Prices are a bit less than on the train and they will bring you directly from the airport to the doorstep of the Grillhof Seminar Center.

A discounted airport shuttle rate with Four Seasons Travel has been confirmed! Follow this link to book your discounted fare. The discounted rates are: One Way: Euro 49€ / Roundtrip: 83€. When prompted for a drop off address please provide the Grillhof Seminar Center address and phone:

Tiroler Bildungsinstitut Grillhof
Grillhofweg 100
6080 Vill/Igls, Austria
Phone: +43 512 38380

Since recently there also are bus lines that now run regularly between Munich city and Innsbruck and they probably are the cheapest option to come to Innsbruck – an example is MeinFernbus .

2) FROM VIENNA: The second larger airport in the vicinity is located in Austria’s capital Vienna. Vienna is about a five hour train ride away from Innsbruck, with trains running about every two hours during the day between Vienna main train station and Innsbruck main train station (Innsbruck Hauptbahnhof). You can find the train schedules on the homepage of the Austrian railroad company – ÖBB. Also, an electronic city map of Vienna is available online.

The city of Innsbruck also has a small international airport, however flights directly to Innsbruck tend to be on the more expensive side.

** In a few weeks the IIPE team will contact you to request your travel details. Please be sure to provide this information so we can most effectively support you.


All participants will be staying at The Grillhof Seminar Center. Accommodations are double (shared) rooms with air conditioning and private bathrooms. A limited number of single rooms are available for an additional cost (please contact us for details – single rooms will be made available for those with special needs first).

As noted above, you will be responsible for any additional accommodations prior to the beginning and after the conclusion of the IIPE.

Visa Arrangements

All participants who need a tourist visa to come to Austria, please make sure to inform yourself at the Austrian embassies in your home countries about the necessary visa application procedures.

Here some recommendations and advice on the visa process:

1) Depending on the embassy in question and the type of visa, visa procedures sometimes can take several months after the complete visa application has been handed in until the visa is issued. Thus, it is highly recommendable to inform yourself right away about how long the visa procedure might take and begin the process early enough. Also factor in enough time for delays as visa procedures can be quite cumbersome.

2) The IIPE can, upon request, issue letters of commitment and inscription to support the visa process. Should that be a necessary requirement for your visa application, please contact for the details and specifications.

3) A recommendation for the visa process: you only need a tourist visa (a visa for up to ninety days of stay) not a student visa for such a short stay in Austria.

Program Abstracts

Program abstracts are due July 15.

>>Click here for details and to submit your abstract online.

Travel and Emergency Contact Form

The travel and emergency contact form is due August 7.

We request that you please share with us 1) your travel itinerary, 2) any important health or diet issues we should be aware of, and 3) the name and contact information of a person to reach in the event of an emergency. Please share this information with us by August 7 using our online form.

>>Click here to submit your travel & emergency contact information.

All participants are required to sign a “legal waiver” form prior to participating in the IIPE. We will have these forms available for you to sign upon your arrival – however; we encourage you to read the form in advance. The form declares that each individual is responsible for his or her own safety and well being during the IIPE and that the organizers are responsible for logistical and programmatic arrangements. Please pardon the legal language! If you have any questions about the form please contact us before traveling.

legal waiver 2017

Post IIPE Participant Evaluation

Please help the IIPE to learn and grow from your experience. Click the link below to complete a short participant evaluation of IIPE 2017.

IIPE 2017 Participant Evaluation