In 1982 the first IIPE was held at Teachers College, Columbia University.  It was organized by Professors Betty A. Reardon, Willard Jacobson and Douglas Sloan in cooperation with the United Ministries in Education.  Each of these professors, working in different fields and disciplines, came together to apply their collective knowledge, wisdom and experience toward a problem that threatened the extinction of the human race and all life on the planet – nuclear proliferation.  The first IIPE experience examined the practical and theoretical contributions of education to world order and nuclear and general and complete disarmament.  In doing so it addressed the political and personal dimensions of the task of disarmament, inquiring into worldviews, beliefs and attitudes that sustain and make possible a highly militarized system of global security.

From 1982 the Institute evolved in parallel to other developments in the peace research and peace studies fields and the work of the IIPE founder, Dr. Reardon.  Rather than an exclusive focus on disarmament education, the IIPE began to examine peace and violence more holistically.  Complementing this systemic and holistic view, the Institute organically developed into an annual, international program that is hosted, cooperatively planned and co-coordinated by a partner academic or non-governmental institution.  This internationalization of the IIPE enables it to be inclusive of the multiple, socio-cultural perspectives and concerns of peace and violence and exposes participants to a multitude of educational approaches and transformative pedagogies of peace that are practiced in different socio-cultural contexts.  Furthermore, it has enabled the Institute to be adaptive and flexible in its form and in the content chosen that frames each year’s program.

From 1982 to 2007 the IIPE secretariat was housed at the Peace Education Center at Teachers College, Columbia University.  The IIPE secretariat has since been housed at Global Education Associates (2007-08) and the National Peace Academy (2009-2014).   The Judith Herb College of Education at The University of Toledo was the home of the IIPE secretariat in 2014.  Since 2015 the IIPE has operated independently with a U.S. 501c3 non-profit fiscal sponsor.

Below is a list of past IIPE host institutions, locations and themes where available. When underlined, reports are available for download in adobe .pdf format.

IIPE 40th Anniversary

The IIPE 40th Anniversary Celebration of “Living History, Global Voices” took place via zoom on Saturday, March 18, 2023. This special virtual event was a “night of a thousand stars,” gathering participants from the first 4 decades of the IIPE to share their experiences in an interactive format.

2022: Mexico

Theme:  “Weaving Together Intercultural Peacelearning.”
Co-organized by the IIPE Secretariat in partnership with Colectivo Tomate and a network of former IIPE participants and hosts from across Mexico and the Americas.

2019: Nicosia, Cyprus

Theme: “Educating for a Culture of Peace in Divided Societies: History, Dialogue, and Multiperspectivity Toward Reconciliation.”
Co-organized in partnership with the IIPE Secretariat and the Association for Historical Dialogue and Research (AHDR).

IIPE 2019 Program

2017: Grillhof Seminar Center. Innsbruck, Austria

Theme: “Aesthetic Peaces: Social, Political & Embodied Learning – Responses for Human & Planetary Survival”
Co-organized in partnership with the IIPE Secretariat, members of the Faculty of Education and Queens’ College at the University of Cambridge, and the Unit for Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of Innsbruck.

IIPE 2017 Print Flyer

Public Day Program

PDF IIPE Full Program

2015: The University of Toledo.  Toledo, OH. USA

Theme: “Education for Urban Revitalization toward Social & Ecological Justice: Peace Education in an Era of Globalization
Organized by the Peace Education Initiative at The University of Toledo (home of the IIPE secretariat).

PDFIIPE 2015 Flyer

PDF IIPE 2015 Program

PDF Community Dialogue and Public Forum (Flyer)

PDF Community Dialogue and Public Forum (Program)

PDF Community Dialogue and Public Forum (Report)

2013: UNESCO Chair for Peace Education, the University of Puerto Rico. San Juan, Puerto Rico

Theme: “Towards a Possible World Free From Violence: Pedagogies, Proposals and Politics for Human Rights and Peace”
Co-organized in partnership with the UNESCO Chair for Peace Education at the University of Puerto Rico and the National Peace Academy, USA (home of the IIPE secretariat).

PDFIIPE 2013 Flyer

PDF IIPE 2013 Program

link 32 Reports, Presentations, Photos and Links on the UNESCO Chair website (in Spanish)

2012: National Women’s Education Center. Tokyo, Japan

Theme: “Educating for Human Security and Survival: Emergencies in Ecology, Energy, Economy”
Organized in partnership with the National Peace Academy (home of the IIPE secretariat) and the Global Campaign for Peace Education Japan (GCPEJ)cooperating with a consortium of other national organizations invested in furthering peace education in Japan including the Society for Building a Culture of Peace.

PDFIIPE 2012 Flyer

2010: Fundación Escuelas de Paz. Cartagena, Colombia

Theme: “Learning to Read the World from Multiple Perspectives: Peace Education toward Diversity and Inclusion”
Co-organized by the National Peace Academy (home of the IIPE secretariat) and Fundación Escuelas de Paz in partnership with the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation and Development (AECID), the Colombian National Ministry of Education, Fundación Plan, UNICEF Colombia, and the Biosophical Institute.

PDFIIPE 2010 Report

PDF IIPE 2010 Program

2009: EJBO Foundation. Budapest, Hungary 

Theme: “Human Rights Learning as Peace Education: Pursuing Democracy in a Time of Crisis”
Co-sponsored by: the EJBO Foundation with the support and sponsorship of UNESCO, the Center for Nonviolence and Democratic Education of The University of Toledo, Ohio and the Biosophical Institute.
link 32 Plenary Session Recordings

2008: University of Haifa. Haifa, Israel

Theme: “Critical Pedagogy: Educating for Justice and Peace”
Co-sponsored by: the Jewish-Arab Center and the Center for Research on Peace Education (CERPE) of the University of Haifa and the Center of Critical Pedagogy of Kibbutzim College of Education.

PDFIIPE 2008 Program

PDFIIPE 2008 Flyer

2007: Baketik. Arantzazu, Spain (Basque Country)

Theme: “Identity, Interdependence & Nonviolent Transformations ”

PDFIIPE 2007 Program

PDFIIPE 2007 Flyer

PDFIIPE 2007 Theme Background Paper

PDFIIPE 2007 Outcomes & General Conclusions

2006: University for Peace. San Jose, Costa Rica

Theme: “Towards a Planetary Ethic: Shared and Individual Responsibility”

PDFIIPE 2006 Program

PDFIIPE 2006 Flyer

PDFIIPE 2006 Thematic Background

2005: Femme-Art-Méditerranée (FAM Network). Rhodes, Greece

Theme: “E=MC 2: Education = Movement for Constructive Change (educating for peace through the arts)”

PDFIIPE 2005 Flyer

PDFIIPE 2005 Program & Poster

2004: Sabanci University. Istanbul, Turkey

Theme: “Human Security: Building a Culture of Peace”

PDFIIPE 2004 Flyer

PDFIIPE 2004 Poster

PDFIIPE 2004 Report (includes program)
link 32 Sabanci University website

2003: Asia Pacific Centre of Education for International Understanding (APCEIU). Seoul, South Korea

Theme: “Educating for Peace in Divided Societies”

PDFIIPE 2003 Program 

PDFIIPE 2003 Flyer 
link 32  APCEIU Website

2002: Miriam College, Quezon City, Philippines

Theme: “Weaving Solidarity Toward a Culture of Peace”

PDFIIPE 2002 Program

PDFIIPE 2002 Opening Plenary Report

PDFIIPE 2002 Solidarity Statement

2001: Lebanese American University, Byblos, Lebanon 

Theme: “A Global Civic Responsibility”

PDFIIPE 2001 Outcomes

2000: Mahindra World College. Pune, India 

Theme:“Education for a Culture of Peace: A Human Security Perspective”
Co-Sponsored by: Ashta No-Kai (women’s literacy and development NGO)

1999: University of Calgary, Alberta & Nakoda Lodge, Morely First Nation, Treaty Seven Territory. Canada

Theme:”Renewing Ancient Wisdoms for the Next Millennium”
Co-Sponsored by: Athabasca University Native Studies; Confederacy of Treaty Six First Nations; Stoney Nation, Morely; Center for International Education and Development, University of Alberta; Institute of Peace & Global Education, University of Alberta; Regional Partnerships of Schools and Colleges, New York; Sustainability Education Centre, New York.

1997 (Aug. 7-14) : University of El Salvador, El Salvador

Theme: “Education for Reconciliation and Reconstruction”
Co-Sponsored by: International Center for Solidarity in San Salvador; Culture of Peace Program, UNESCO.

1997 (May 19-30) : Noordelijke Hogeschool. Leeuwardem, Netherlands

1996: International Christian University. Tokyo, Japan

Theme: “Education for a Culture of Peace”

1995: Kansas City, Missouri

Co-Sponsored by: University of Missouri, Kansas City, and Avila College.

1994: Fordham University. New York, NY

1994 (Aug. 16-21): University of Alberta, Edmonton. Alberta, Canada

Theme: “Uprooting Violence”

1994 (June): Noordelijke Hogeschool. Leeuwardem, Netherlands

1993 (July 25-31) : University of Hawaii. Honolulu, Hawaii

Theme: “Education for Diversity and Democracy: Ethnicity and World Community”
Co-Sponsored by: University of Hawaii, Matsunaga Institute

1993 (June 23-30) : Noordelijke Hogeschool. Leeuwardem, Netherlands

Theme: “Education for Diversity and Democracy: Ethnicity and World Community”

1992: Tokyo, Japan

Theme: “Peace Education: A Global Movement”

1991: University of Oregon

1989 (November): Earlham College, School of Religion. Richmond, VA

1989 (September): Union Theological Seminary. New York, NY

1989 (July 23-29): Teachers College, New York

Theme: “Education for Global Responsibility”

1989 (April): Chapman College, Orange, California

1989 (Jan. 13-15): University of S. Florida, Tampa, Florida

Theme: “Issues of Race and Ethnicity in our Schools”
Co-Sponsored by: Suncoast Area Teacher Training Honors Program at the University of S. Florida.

1988 (Dec. 3-7): Sibol ng Kapayapaan at Kalinangan. Manila, Philippines

Theme: “Emerging Approaches to Peace and Development”
Co-Sponsored by: The World Council on Curriculum and Instruction, WCCI Philippines Chapter; and Notre Dame University

1988 (July 4-9): The University of Alberta, Edmonton. Canada

Theme: “Peace Education: Now and for the Next Generation”
Co-Sponsored by: The faculty of Education, University of Alberta; Alberta Teachers Association

1988 (June 3-5): Teachers College, New York

Theme: “The Earth in Crisis: the Ecology of Peace”
Co-Sponsored by: The United Ministries in Education; the Environment and Conservation Education Program of New York University; the Consortium on Peace Research, Education and Development; the International Council on Adult Education; Global Education Associates; and Educators for Social Responsibility NY Metro.

1988 (January 15-17): Eckerd College, St. Petersburg, Florida

Theme: “Human Rights Inquiry”
Co-Sponsored by: The Eckerd College Education Program and Suncoast Area Teacher Training Program (USF)

1987: University of California, Irvine

1986: United Nations University, Tokyo, Japan

Theme: “The International Consultation on Peace Studies in Higher Education”

1985: Manhattan College, New York

Theme: “Dimensions and Practice of Peace Education”

1984: Florida

1983: Teachers College, New York

Theme: “Perspectives on Peace”
Co-Sponsored by: The Peace-Making, Militarism and Education Program of United Ministries in Education; the Teachers College Peace Education Concentration; the Teachers College Office of Continuing Education; Auburn Theological Seminary in cooperation with the World Council for Curriculum and Instruction

1982: Teachers College, New York

Co-Sponsored by: The Peace-Making, Militarism and Education Program of United Ministries in Education; the Peace Education Commission of the International Peace Research Association; and the World Council for Curriculum and Instruction

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