IIPE Nepal: Meet our team!

Juhi Adhikari

Juhi Adhikari is a Youth Advisory Board member of Mobile Arts for Peace (MAP) participatory art-based research project hosted at the University of Lincoln (UK) being implemented in Nepal, Rwanda, Indonesia, and Kyrgyzstan. She leads the Youth Advisory Advocacy and Research (YAAR) group, a group of 32 young girls in Nepal to work on policy advocacy, peace research, and social action.  [LinkedIn Profile]

Pramila Bisunke

Pramila Bisunke is research manager at Annual Status of Education Report in Nepal (ASER Nepal) which is hosted by Galli Galli non-profit. Her research areas are foundational literacy of school-going aged children, education governance and peace education in Nepal.  [LinkedIn Profile]

Dr. Janet Gerson

Dr. Janet Gerson, Education Director, International Institute on Peace Education; Co-Director Emeritus, Peace Education Center, Teachers College, Columbia University, NYC. Fifty years’ experience teaching includes peace education, conflict processes, transformative learning, futures envisioning, Theater of the Oppressed, creativity, and dance.  Recent publications: Reclaimative Post-Conflict Justice: Democratizing Justice in the World Tribunal on Iraq (2021) with Dale Snauwaert; “Restorative Justice & Alternative Systems” Encyclopedia of Nonviolence, Conflict & Peace, 3rd Ed. (2022), (Ed.) Lester Kurtz. Current research: innovative ecological paradigm for peace based on relationality and the presence of justice. Current loves: family, friends, watercolor painting, mosaics, & peace circles.

Tony Jenkins

Tony Jenkins PhD is an Assistant Professor in the Program on Justice and Peace Studies at Georgetown University. He is also the Managing Director of the International Institute on Peace Education (IIPE) and Coordinator of the Global Campaign for Peace Education (GCPE).  Tony has 23+ years of experience directing, designing, and facilitating peacebuilding and international educational programs and projects in the fields of international development, peace studies, and peace education. Tony’s applied research is focused on examining the impacts and effectiveness of peace education methods and pedagogies in nurturing personal, social and political change and transformation. [Academia.edu Profile / LinkedIn Profile]

Gunjan Jha

Gunjan Jha is district program coordinator of “My Village: A Learning Village” remedial accelerated learning project funded by People’s Action for Learning Network (PAL Network). He is also a student of Conflict, Peace and Development Studies at Tribhuvan University in Nepal. [LinkedIn profile]

Rajib Timalsina

Rajib Timalsina is a peace researcher based in Kathmandu (Nepal) working on peace education, foundational learning assessment, governance and politics related research. He is an assistant professor of Conflict, Peace and Development Studies at Tribhuvan University where he teaches peace research methods, peace psychology, Peace education and power & politics. Currently, he is co-secretary general of Asia-Pacific Peace Research Association (APPRA), a regional affiliate of International Peace Research Association (IPRA), and advisory board member at People’s Action for Learning Network (PAL Network). [See a full bio here, and LinkedIn profile here.]

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