IIPE 2019: Cyprus

Announcing IIPE 2019: Nicosia, Cyprus!

A collage of photos of old Nicosia, the divided capital of Cyprus, which will host IIPE 2019.

We are excited to announce that the 2019 International Institute on Peace Education (IIPE) will be held in Nicosia, Cyprus! IIPE 2019 will be hosted by The Association for Historical Dialogue & Research (AHDR) and coordinated in partnership with the IIPE Secretariat.

The IIPE will be held at The Home for Cooperation, a unique community center located in the UN buffer zone in the heart of Nicosia. It is the embodiment of intercommunal cooperation, contributing to the collective efforts of civil society in their engagement with peacebuilding and intercultural dialogue. Using its sources, it encourages people to cooperate with each other beyond constraints and dividing lines.

Save the Date: August 2019

Keep your August 2019 calendar open and be sure to sign-up to receive IIPE updates to be notified when more details are available. The central theme of IIPE 2019 and application details will be announced in late 2018.

About the IIPE

The IIPE brings together experienced and aspiring formal and non-formal educators, academics, peacebuilders, activists, and others with interest in peace education from around the world to exchange knowledge and experiences and learn with and from each other in a week-long, intensive, residential-based learning community. The IIPE is held biennially at various universities and peace centers throughout the world.

The IIPE embodies the practices and principles of critical, participatory peace pedagogy. The IIPE pedagogy is “critical” in the traditions of Brazilian popular educator Paulo Freire and Betty Reardon’s work on critical comprehensive peace education. “Participatory” is a key word in describing the Institute. Unlike traditional academic events or conferences, presenters are in every sense participants, equally engaged in mutual learning. IIPE’s participatory pedagogy is pursued in a “learning community”; an intentional space designed to engage all in learning toward a common purpose. In this space all participants commit to learning with and from each other. There are no “drop-in” experts; all are engaged in the learning process, working cooperatively, modeling, experiencing and participating in democratic processes and transformative pedagogies seen as essential to addressing common problems of violence and injustice.

About The Association for Historical Dialogue & Research (AHDR)

The Home for Cooperation, which hosts the offices of AHDR, will be the main venue for IIPE 2019.

The AHDR is a unique multi-communal, non-for-profit, non-governmental organization established in Nicosia in 2003 that envisions a society where dialogue on issues of history, historiography and history teaching and learning is considered a means for the advancement of historical understanding and critical thinking and is welcomed as an integral part of democracy and a culture of peace. The AHDR contributes to the advancement of historical understanding amongst the public and more specifically amongst children, youth, and educators by providing access to learning opportunities for individuals of every ability and every ethnic, religious, cultural, and social background, based on the respect for diversity and the dialogue of ideas.

Since its establishment, the AHDR has broadened its mission by promoting peace education in formal and non-formal settings and is currently bringing together school children of all ages from all communities on the island through the implementation of the ‘Imagine’ Project which has received acclaim from the UN Secretary General for its role in promoting contact and cooperation between the future generations of of Cyprus.