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Acceptance Criteria

Acceptance for participation in the IIPE is based upon applicant ’s potential contribution to the goal of developing and strengthening peace education in the host region and toward a more global perspective on peace education among all participants. While we would like to accept everyone who applies, the number of applicants usually exceeds the places at each Institute. The IIPE attempts to practice the principles of peace education by engaging all participants in our short-term learning community in an experience of participatory learning in which all of us can learn from each other (please see our IIPE pedagogy page). We have found that increasing our numbers beyond 65 participants diminishes the effectiveness of this aspect of the institute, so we are unable to accept all applicants.

Among other criteria,  priority is given to those applicants coming from the surrounding host region. The IIPE attempts to explore themes and issues that are particularly relevant to the host region and works to build regional solidarity among peace educators.  Priority is also given to applicants with particular knowledge and experience related to the theme.  In selecting the remainder of the international participants we attempt to maintain a geographical balance and variety in experience and substantive expertise. All applicants should specifically demonstrate how they will apply their learnings in their countries or local communities as that will be a significant criterion of selection.

As a learning community experience, the IIPE requires full-time participation from all participants. You must be able to participate in the full period of the IIPE (July 21-28) for your application to be considered. If after acceptance a participant finds he or she must leave early or arrive late, their place will be given to another on the waiting list.

Apply Now

*The application deadline for IIPE 2019 has passed and we are no longer accepting applications. 

Prior to completing your online application please read the overview of the 2019 IIPE.  We also encourage you to read a general description of the IIPE and become familiar with the IIPE pedagogy.

The IIPE utilizes an online application system. All applications must be submitted using this online form. Click on the “APPLY” button below to begin your application. If you have limited internet connectivity you may contact the IIPE registrar to discuss alternatives.

Applications are due March 15, 2019, and will be reviewed by the end of March/early April. Be sure to apply early for full consideration.



*The application deadline for IIPE 2019 has passed and we are no longer accepting scholarship applications. 

* Please read the following carefully to make sure you qualify.  To support global representation at the IIPE, only participants from the world regions listed below are permitted to apply for a scholarship at this time.  IIPE 2019 scholarships include a fee waiver (covering meals, lodging, and local transportation during the IIPE) and partial travel assistance.  The amount of travel assistance is dependent upon world region. The number of scholarships available and the amount of travel assistance is indicated in parentheses.

  • MENA (Middle East & N. Africa) region (4 @ 150€)
  • South America (2 @ 450 €)
  • Central America and the Caribbean (2 @ 450€)
  • Sub-Saharan Africa (4 @ 350€)
  • SE Asia & the Pacific (2 @ 350€)
  • Central & South Asia (2 @ 350€)

Scholarship criteria include demonstrated financial need; the ability of the applicant to share and apply what is learned at IIPE when they return home; and participant’s possible contributions to the IIPE program.  Scholarship recipients will receive reimbursement (in the amounts indicated above) for travel after their participation in the IIPE.  Scholarship recipients will be responsible for costs for obtaining a visa (if needed); should use the least expensive route and mode of travel; will be required to travel from and to the region they receive the travel scholarship for; and get prior approval from the organizers.

The supplementary scholarship application is also due March 15, 2019. 

All supplementary scholarship applications must be submitted using an online form. Click on the “scholarship application” button below to begin your application. If you have limited internet connectivity you may contact the IIPE registrar to discuss alternatives.

You must first submit an IIPE 2019 general application (see above) prior to completing the supplementary scholarship application.

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