Where in the World to Study Peace Education?

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Where in the World to Study Peace Education?

There is a growing demand for peace education, yet few know of the learning opportunities that exist for gaining knowledge, developing capacities, and building the fundamental pedagogical skills for teaching peace.

To address this lack of availability of information, the Global Campaign for Peace Education, in partnership with the International Institute on Peace Education and the Peace Education Initiative at The University of Toledo, has built a directory of programs, courses, and workshops in peace education.

We need your help to grow this directory. If you are running a program, teaching a course, or are currently a student studying peace education, or have the necessary information about such a program, please take a few moments to complete our online form. We are interested in gathering details about current formal (university based), informal (conferences, non-university based trainings) and non-formal (independent, citizen-based) programs of study and ongoing trainings and workshops.

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